Dos Lunas Airport Bed & Breakfast/Hostel

Our address: 21 Calle 10-92 zona 13 Aurora II, Guatemala City.    Reservations: +(502) 2261-4248 or +502 2309-8000

About us



Henk and Lorena Bleker

About the innkeepers

Dutch/Guatemalan couple, 20 + years experience in hospitality-airline industry. World travelers, airline freaks, cheese lovers, hippie van owners. Love to meet people from all over the world.

Languages spoken

English, Dutch, German, Spanish

Inn Details

Establishment type

Airport Bed and Breakfast, hostel type.

On-site amenities

  • Free drinking water, WiFi in common areas and some bedrooms. Cable TV in general living room,   local calls free of charge. Travel assistance.
  • Restaurant/ Mediterranean and Guatemalan cuisine, including gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and low carb menus.
  • Snacks and drinks for sale, even for late arrival passengers.
  • Gourmet store: European cheese, Spanish and German wine, German, Belgian and Guatemalan beer
  • USD and Euro money exchange on request with better rate than the airport!
  • Souvenir and local products shop on-site.
  • Cooking and Spanish language workshops.

Nearby activities in Zone 13. +- 2kms. Away from Dos Lunas.

Museums of Archeology, Artisans Market, Modern art museum, Zoo.

Guatemala City attractions
The city is a freaky combination of fancy western world life style and chaotic Latin American big city full of traffic, pollution and bad social habits. We are not proud of seeing people throwing garbage on the streets, using their cell phone while driving, using parking spots for disable people without being disable, etc.  and equally insulting is the bad city planning. The travel guide books give a bad rating to Guatemala city, because it can be dangerous if you don’t know where to go… but there are some interesting things to visit here if you have a bit of time.  One positive thing to consider is that the city people are friendly, curious, and helpful with the foreigners. A fair amount of us speak some English. Unfortunately Guatemala city can be as expensive as any other city in Europe or the U.S.

If you visit the city or if you are heading up to your next destination in the countryside from Guatemala city, try to avoid the peak hours.

Morning from 6:30 to 9:00 hrs. and evening from 16:00 to 20:00 hrs.

Historic center/central market

What to visit?  National Palace, Cathedral, Central Market, Museo de Fundación Paiz, Casa Mima, Museo de los músicos invisibles, Pedestrian 6th ave. Museo of San Francisco Church, Relieve Map.  Gallo Brewer

Zone 10 or `zona viva`

What to visit?  Museo Ixchel and Popol Vuh, Rococo Yurrita Church,  Botanical Garden. Plaza Fontabella.  The area has very nice restaurants and pubs and 5 star hotels.

Shopping malls:  There are several American style shopping centers,  some people find them shocking and boring and some others are happy to find a few nice shops like Zara.  The ones with reasonable distance from Dos Lunas are

Malls in zone 10 are:  Próceres, Arcadia, Oakland Mall

Malls in zone 11 are:  Miraflores, Tikal Futura

Paseo Cayalá Zone 16:  The new county in Guatemala city, is for some, a beautiful Mediterranean style place,  a gathering spot for the rich and beauty, and these `some` are proud to show off to their visitors. For us is not that beautiful because it was developed by sacrificing an important forest with an incredible wildlife that was a lung to this polluted city.

Cayalá is interesting to visit after being in the countryside, so you can compare the shocking contrast.  Be patient because it is surrounded by private universities and private schools and the traffic can be intense.

Guatemala is, as extreme as its nature, it is impossible to understand, that is why is so fascinating and definitely not boring.

 Welcome to Guatemala