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Guatemalan Street Food

Guatemalan Street Food

In many streets of Guatemala City, you will find hot dogs or mixtas.  The Guatemalan hotdogs are called “shukos”, they are different from the American hotdog.  The shukos are coming with a special type of bread, inside they add guacamole and the coleslaw salad is seasoned with vinegar and spices, the hotdog is grilled in charcoal fire.  The best place to try the shukos and enjoy the whole action of selling the shukos in a kind of drive- thru dynamic is in Hot Dogs El Chino.  They are located in front of Liceo Guatemala school, in zone 5, very close to the beginning of the north side of la Reforma Avenue, zone 10.   (almost across of the botanical garden and the Yurrita Church.)

The mixtas are another option. It has all the ingredients of the hotdogs but instead of bread they use corn tortillas. The original “Mixtas Frankfurt” are the most famous mixtas in Guatemala City.  These are not in a food cart on the streets of Guatemala, they went to the next level and have a small snack bar where you can enjoy them. Open since 1930, Frankfurt is one of the nostalgic places for Guatemalans.


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Guatemalan street food can also be found in several neighborhoods and markets

around Guatemala City. The most special place to enjoy these foods beside the local fairs, is inside the central market, located in the heart of the historic district, zone 1.  (One block away behind the Cathedral)

These are just a few options of Guatemalan street food:

Tostadas: hard corn tortilla with guacamole or beans or tomato sauce, garnished with onion, hard cheese and parsley.

Tacos:  Our tacos are the Mexican version of the flautas. These are hard tortillas rolled up and stuffed with meat or potato.  The top is garnished with guacamole, tomato sauce, (not ketchup), hard cheese, onion and parsley.

Rellenitos:  plantain patties stuffed with sweet beans, sugar and cinnamon, they are fried together, and it is a very nice dessert.

Elotes locos:  crazy corn, on the cob with special cover of ketchup, mayo, mustard, hot sauce and hard cheese. If you don’t want the corn with all the circus, just order “elote cocido” that means “only cooked corn”, you will get them with a bit of salt and lemon, if you like to add some.

Another way to eat the corn are the “Elotes asados” or grilled corn.! Add some lemon and salt and ready to eat!

Atol de Elote:  This is a hot corn drink that it is thick, smooth and sweetened and spiced up with vanilla cinnamon, sugar, etc., it is absolutely delicious.!


This is like a dessert, made of banana, chocolate and that´s it!  It is frozen, in most of the local neighborhood stores they sell these “chocobananos” for a cheap price.

Helados de frutas: These are local made ice cream made of natural fruit

water and sugar, some of them with milk instead of water.

All the above street food photos are shared from Aldea Tierra colorada facebook page.

Fresh tropical fruit “Bolsa de frutas”:

We have the best fruits, and you can enjoy them also, ready to eat. These “bolsas de frutas” (fruit bags) can be found in all the local markets and some street vendors around Guatemala City. The fruit bags can be spiced up with salt, lemon, chili powder and pepita powder, this mix taste better with the mangoes and pineapple. 

Photo by Henk Bleker

Goat milk: Leche de cabra:

Quite often you can find a guy with a bunch of goats walking around in the middle of the busy historic center. Their business is, selling fresh goat milk in a plastic cup. Oh yes! from the goat to your cup, for approx. Q5.00  

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